Indian Tribes Form Lobbying Group Aimed At Sports Betting

Indian Sports Betting Group

 News IconSports betting in the US is limited due to standing federal gambling laws. Widespread sports betting legalization is growing more and more plausible, though there is one component that could hinder progress—Indian tribes. Tribal casinos make up a generous portion of the US gambling landscape, and tribes have been wary of sports betting and its impacts on existing compacts between states and tribes, but a new lobbying group has emerged with the sole intention of examining what legal sports gambling would look like.

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Online Poker Is The Likely Reason Why Competitive Poker Has Become So Competitive

Poker Chips And Cards

News IconOnline poker has been hailed in recent years by international poker superstars like Dan Bilzerian as one of the largest contributing factors to the growth of professional poker. He was noted on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast where he talked about the advantages that professional poker players have with the new online poker software. He talked about the fact that players could see maybe 20-30 hands in a day at brick and mortar casinos while playing online offered much more. Players playing online could play multiple hands at multiple tables and see anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 hands a day depending on the size and quantity of their computer monitors. 

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US Gamblers Could Benefit From Changes To Australian Gambling Laws

USA And Australian Gambling Laws

News IconThe Australian gambling landscape is set to change in light of some amendments to the standing gambling law. The 11 total changes are cause for concern for several big online gambling providers, causing them to withdraw from the country. Offshore poker platforms appear to be taking the brunt of the changes. While this most immediately affects Aussie players, it could result in some unexpected benefits for American gamblers relying on legal offshore betting destinations for gambling entertainment.

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Absolute Poker Case Highlights Online Gambling

Cheating Scandal At Absolute Poker

News IconFounder and co-owner of Absolute Poker, Scott Tom, recently arrived in the United States to stand trial on money laundering charges and violations of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) stemming from his Costa Rica based company. Tom entered a plea of not guilty and was released on bond.

Absolute Poker, along with Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars and several others, were all part of the now famous Department of Justice’s “Black Friday” bust back in 2011. The DOJ’s case can be traced back to the UIGEA, which was established in 2006. The UIGEA put a strain on banks and other financial institutions,

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