Legal Offshore Blackjack Sites For US Players

Offshore Gambling ImageWhen you think of gambling one of the first games that come to mind is blackjack. Blackjack is a card game also commonly referred to as 21 and a staple game in casinos around the world. The game is so popular that today you will find several variations of the game such as Classic blackjack, European blackjack, and several other variations with a different number of decks and set of rules.

This page will focus on how to access the popular game online and answer some common questions often associated with online blackjack gambling. We will also take a closer look at offshore blackjack sites, the legalities behind the industry, and give our recommendations for the best online sites to play.

Best Legal Offshore Blackjack Sites For US Residents In 2024

Below you will find our recommendations for the most trusted legally licensed offshore casinos that offer several variations of blackjack. Our team of industry professionals has vetted each of the following sites to assure they can be trusted and offer an entertaining experience worth your time. The following sites hold compliance records indicating that their games have been recently tested, have multiple security protocols in place to prevent identity theft or account hackers. You will also find an easy to use interface with hours of entertaining blackjack games and variations.

LogoSite NameBonusRatingUSAVisit Site
Offshore Casinos
Bovada LogoBovada Casino100% Max $3,0005 Star RatingUSA Accepted CheckPLAY NOWReview
Slotslv LogoSlotslv Casino100% Max $5,0005 Star RatingUSA Accepted CheckPLAY NOWReview
Cafe LogoCafe Casino500% Max $5,0004.5 StarsUSA Accepted CheckPLAY NOWReview

Are Offshore Blackjack Sites Legal For US Players To Visit?

Yes, there are no federal laws that prevent US residents from gambling with licensed offshore wagering sites. We recommend that US players only register accounts with licensed offshore casinos. A licensed casino abides by local regulations and routinely undergoes software compliance checks. There are only a few states that have specific state laws preventing their residents from accessing offshore casinos, sportsbooks, and online poker rooms.

Understanding How To Bet On Blackjack

Betting on blackjack is unpredictable, but there are a few things to know that could increase your chances of winning.

  • How many decks are being played
  • What does the dealer hold on
  • What are the chances of the dealer beating your cards
  • Know the rules

The factors listed above vary among different casino sites, but the information is usually fairly easy to access. Knowing how many decks are in the shuffle will help you better determine your odds of winning the pot. Determining odds with multiple decks can be tricky, but some quick thinking can give the player an advantage.

Dealers typically hold on 16 or 17 depending on the casino. Knowing this information can help you not bust and play a more competitive game. It is also important to adjust your bet based on the chance you have to take the pot. If you are hitting 16 or 17 and the dealer has called, you know your chances are not as high as if you had 19 or 20 in your hands.

Knowing the rules of the game can be greatly beneficial and save you some time. Different casinos have different rules and spending a little time reading those instructions can greatly enhance the user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Offshore Blackjack Sites Accepting American Players

Are US Friendly Offshore Blackjack Sites Legitimate?

Yes, most offshore blackjack sites that are available to the United States are legally licensed and hold compliance records from trusted gaming regulators. The sites you will find listed on this page all have good reputations among account holders past and present.

How Do I Know If Offshore Blackjack Games Are Fair?

The best way to determine if offshore blackjack games are fair is to look for their license and compliance records. You could also talk to current account holders or past users about their personal experience.

What Other Games Are Available At Legal Offshore Blackjack Sites?

Blackjack is one of the most popular games you will find in any online casino. It is usually the first game you will see, but online casinos offer a bunch of table, card, and pokie games. Games you will typically find in an online casino are; slots, video poker, roulette, baccarat, craps, pia gow, keno, and bingo.

Are There Any Blackjack Bonuses?

Yes, online casinos offer tons of online bonuses and if they don’t find you another online casino. Most bonus offers are for new accounts and typically include a deposit match or some sort. You will also find bonus options for specific games (blackjack, slots, etc.), cryptocurrency deposits, tournaments, and more. The sites we have listed above have plenty of bonus offers.

Do I Have To Worry About Currency Conversion At Blackjack Sites Located Outside Of The US?

No, all the sites listed on this page will accept the United States Dollar (USD). However, we suggest you look into cryptocurrency for its multiple advantages with online blackjack sites. Online casinos offer a wide range of banking options because they serve people who hold different forms of currency. Americans only have to worry about the UIGEA act, and how to fund a casino since debit and credit card payments are typically halted by the US government.