Legal Offshore Roulette Sites For USA Players

Offshore Gambling ImageRoulette is one of the oldest and most popular types of gambling games in the world. The concept is hundreds of years old, and the game has been played in its modern iteration since the 1800s. With online roulette at legal offshore online casinos, the pastime is even more popular than ever, with hundreds of millions of regular players across the globe. In fact, the only casino table game with more players is online blackjack. Online roulette may not be as popular as legal offshore slots games, but the advent of live dealer roulette games certainly has taken the online options to a new level.

When it comes to finding the best legal offshore roulette sites for USA players, however, there aren’t that many options, despite a massive number of sites out there that claim to be legit operators. And unlike taking a roulette wheel for a spin, you shouldn’t leave selecting the top operators to chance.

To that end, we’ve filtered out all the bad roulette bets to provide you with a list of the best offshore casino sites, and we explain the basics of this classic game in our brief offshore roulette guide. Read on to get all the info you need so you don’t drop the ball with a less-than-stellar online croupier!

Best Legal USA Roulette Sites For 2024

These are the best roulette sites located offshore that are legally licensed to accept US players. Each site has been thoroughly vetted to ensure players are gambling with sites that can be trusted for fast and reliable payouts.

LogoSite NameBonusRatingUSAVisit Site
Offshore Casinos
Bovada LogoBovada Casino100% Max $3,0005 Star RatingUSA Accepted CheckPLAY NOWReview
Slotslv LogoSlotslv Casino100% Max $5,0005 Star RatingUSA Accepted CheckPLAY NOWReview
Cafe LogoCafe Casino500% Max $5,0004.5 StarsUSA Accepted CheckPLAY NOWReview

Are Offshore Roulette Sites Legal For US Residents?

Yes! There are no federal gambling laws that prohibit Americans aged 18+ to make real-money roulette bets at offshore gambling sites that are operating legally within the industry. Remember, US law only pertains to domestic operators, not players.

As such, you are free to spin the wheel with any reputable overseas betting operator. Best of all, you can do so at just 18 and older. Remember, almost all US brick-and-mortar venues require roulette players to be 21-plus.

Note: WA residents are nominally precluded by state law to gamble online, though we’ve never seen these laws enforced, and all top offshore casinos accept players from there. However, you’re advised to follow all local mandates and play roulette online only at your own risk if you live in Washington.

How To Play Roulette

There are two types of roulette, but if you have questions about how to play American roulette or how to play European roulette, you don’t have to do a big comparison to understand the basic roulette rules.

These games are different only in one key way: The American game has one extra slot on the roulette wheel compared to the European game. The implications of this – and instructions for how to place your roulette bets online – are discussed below.

The Roulette Wheel

The roulette wheel is where all the action happens. Though you place your wagers on the roulette table, the croupier spins the wheel and drops the ball here. Wherever the ball ends up, if your bet is in line with the results, you win.

When you’re playing offshore roulette, you’ll be able to choose between American and European roulette. These are mostly identical, with the key difference being that the European wheel has one fewer slot or pocket than the American wheel.

All the numbers are randomly assigned on each wheel, and most brick-and-mortar casinos change wheels out regularly to ensure total randomness. With simulated roulette or electronic roulette at the best offshore gambling sites, online roulette wheels are similarly randomized and regularly audited for fair iGaming compliance.

  • American Roulette Wheel – 18 red slots, 18 black slots, two green slots (0 and 00)
  • European Roulette Wheel – 18 red slots, 18 black slots, one green slot (0)

Because the American roulette wheel has 38 pockets, you have a slightly lower chance to win than when you play at a European table, which only has 37 pockets.

For this reason, roulette beginners – and those who wish to practice roulette online at offshore betting sites – are advised to start with the European variant.

The flipside, of course, is that American roulette payouts are slightly higher due to your decreased chances to hit on any given number, color, or sequence.

The Roulette Table

As with the roulette wheel, the American roulette table and European roulette table are slightly different. The American version accommodates an extra wager space for the 00 green slot, whereas the European version has a spot for only a single green 0 slot. Your roulette chip placement informs your bet, of which the basic types are listed below.

Roulette Types Of Bets

The following roulette bet types are standard across all online offshore roulette games, and they are typically referred to as “inside bets”:

  • Straight Bet (aka Single Bet) – Bet a single number, chip goes entirely inside the number’s square on the table
  • Split Bet – Bet on two adjacent numbers on the table, chip goes on the edge between the squares on the table
  • Street Bet – Wager on three consecutive numbers in a horizontal line, chip goes on outer border of numbers at either end of line on the table
  • Corner Bet (aka Square Bet) – Wager on four numbers, chip goes over the corner where they all converge on the table
  • Six Line Bet (aka Double Street) – Bet on six consecutive numbers across two horizontal lines, chip goes on outer corner shared by both rows on the table
  • Trio Bet – Bet on three numbers involving at least one 0/00 slot, bet goes on corner shared by these numbers on the table
  • First Four Bet – Wager on 0-1-2-3 (European table only), bet goes on outer 0-1 or 0-3 corner on the table
  • Basket Bet – Wager on 0-00-1-2-3 (American table only), bet goes on outer 0-1 or 00-3 corner on the table.

There are also “outside bets” in roulette that are easier to hit but have smaller payouts as a result. You can place a bet on the roulette ball to settle into any slot from 1-18 or 19-36. Similarly, you can wager that the ball will fall into a red or black slot, an even or odd slot, and more.

Because outside bets in roulette give you so many more chances to win, you obviously don’t stand to win as much money. But this is a great way for first-timers at offshore roulette sites to get started, as outside bets can really get you in the black!

Live Dealer Roulette At Offshore Gambling Sites

Many offshore casino players are interested in live table games, which all of the top operators support. Typically, there are only a handful of casino classics included in the Live Dealer suite at any given site, but live roulette is always available.

You can choose from live American roulette or live European roulette, and you’ll get a real-time livestream of your roulette dealer (or, technically, your roulette croupier) where you can watch them drop the ball and spin the wheel.

Live chat is also supported, allowing you to talk to your dealer and other gamblers at the table, but remember to be on your best behavior!

Live dealer roulette can be enjoyed from any desktop or laptop computer with an Internet connect, and you can also get the full experience via your mobile device with mobile live dealer casino support.

Offshore Mobile Roulette Apps

If you’re looking for an iPhone roulette app or Android roulette app offered by the best offshore gambling sites, you won’t find one on the App Store or in Google Play. Due to corporate policy, offshore casinos cannot offer their wares in these US storefronts.

But that’s hardly an issue, as the best roulette app for either platform can be found online, right through your mobile browser of choice!

When you play with such an online roulette app, real money payouts are literally at your fingertips, as full touchscreen support and dynamic site design allow you to bet on red or black (and win some green!) from anywhere in the USA.

All modern devices are supported regardless of screen size or mobile network, so wherever you’re spinning your wheels, you can spin the wheel with RNG and live dealer roulette games!

Banking Options For Offshore Roulette

Regardless of the offshore casino site you choose for the best online roulette experience, you’ll be able to fund your account in a number of ways. Credit card deposits remain the most widely used options, but there are better choices these days, and many gamblers are transitioning to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others.

Not each site or family of sites supports the exact same casino funding methods, but the banking suites available to you will be robust and inclusive enough that you won’t have any trouble getting your account topped off.

The most common deposit and withdrawal options are listed below:

Online Roulette Site Deposits

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Zelle-To-BTC
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • Debit Cards
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Bank Wires
  • Person-to-Person Transfers (Ria, etc.)
  • Money Orders

Online Roulette Site Payouts

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Courier Checks
  • Bank Wires
  • Money Orders

Offshore Roulette Same-Day Payouts

If you want to claim a same-day payout, you have only one option at all the best offshore roulette betting sites: cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other supported altcoins.

Bitcoin payouts, Bitcoin Cash payouts, Litecoin payouts, etc. are all rated for same-day withdrawals, usually processing in just a few hours.

All other payout methods, while perfectly reliable, will take between 2-5 days to process, and they each come with added fees (though several sites will give members one free check withdrawal every 30-90 days or so).

Online Roulette Bonuses

Whenever you sign up at an offshore gambling site, you’ll be able to choose from a generous selection of online casino bonuses. These bonuses, when applied to electronic roulette and virtual roulette real-money games, allow you to get more spins for every deposit, but they do come with rollover requirements before you can withdraw any winnings. Be sure to always the read casino bonus terms and conditions!

Note: Live dealer roulette play will not contribute to any rollover requirements at most legitimate offshore casinos. This is industry standard, and at the few sites that do allow playthrough to accumulate this way, the percentages are quite low. Roulette bonuses are much better suited to RNG roulette than live tables.

Please be aware that online casino bonuses work differently than those associated with offshore sports betting or offshore poker. You will not earn rollover when wagering on sports if you select a casino bonus, and poker bonuses are also separate and distinct.

FAQs About Legal Offshore Roulette Accepting US Players

What is the difference between American Roulette and European Roulette?

FAQ's IconThere’s only one major difference between American roulette and European roulette, and that’s the number of slots on the wheel. American roulette wheels have 38 slots, while European wheels have 37.

They both have 16 red and 16 black roulette pockets or slots, but the American game has two green pockets (0 and 00), whereas the European game has only one green pocket (0).

For this reason, beginners favor European roulette, as they have slightly better odds to win. Serious players, however, favor American roulette because they get bigger and better payouts when they hit.

What is the best bet in roulette?

The one that you win, obviously.

That said, there’s no number on any fair roulette wheel that consistently comes up more than any other, and the certified RNG roulette software used by the top offshore casinos are regularly audited to ensure that you get a fair, random spin every time you place a wager. Ditto for the live dealer roulette games on offer.

If you come across any site suggesting that a specific number or color is a better play, you should dismiss such a claim out of hand. Because if you don’t, you’ll just be out of money.

What is the best roulette strategy at offshore casino sites?

Many outlets will boast that they offer the best roulette strategy ever, but that’s a bunch of hokum. Roulette is just about as pure of a game of chance as there is in the gambling industry, whether you play online at an overseas site or at a local brick-and-mortar venue.

There are no great tips to play roulette and win, nor is there any “best” roulette strategy.

That said, as you play and learn the game for yourself, you will eventually hit upon a roulette strategy that works for you, and that’s what we recommend doing: practice, practice, practice.

Can I play free online roulette at offshore casinos?

Yes! Every reputable offshore gambling house offers “demo” or “practice” versions of their RNG roulette games so you can get your bearings before you spin the wheel for real.

Indeed, one of the best of all the roulette betting tips we can offer is to play these free RNG games (i.e. free online roulette sims) offered by the top sites in the industry to get a feel for the game type you prefer before risking real money.

Can I play live roulette free at offshore betting sites?

No. Real dealer live roulette is excluded from any free-to-play options. If you want to play free roulette games online, you will need to play the RNG games as referenced above.

The reason that free live dealer roulette isn’t available is simply because online casinos must pay their dealers/croupiers. A computerized croupier is one thing, but a real human dealer is quite another.

That said, you can watch live roulette at all the best sites without actually placing a bet, which can give you some insight into how each dealer drops the ball and spins the roulette wheel.

We definitely recommend watching for free before playing for real money at any live online roulette table.